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The most beautiful waterfalls of Martinique

When we think of Martinique, we first think of its magnificent paradisaical beaches. But the island of flowers also offers us a completely different landscape, ideal for backpackers in search of authenticity: sumptuous waterfalls nestled in the heart of tropical forests, which will delight nature lovers!

The waterfalls of the Trois Bras River

Located in the north of the island on the volcanic massif of Mount Pelee, the waterfalls of the Rivière Trois Bras are a set of three waterfalls, formed by the river of the same name. Nestled in the heart of the rainforest between Le Prêcheur and Grand-Rivière, they are considered the most beautiful on the island.

You can be accompanied by a guide, and you can also return by skiff.

  • Height : 100 meters.
  • Starting point : Le Prêcheur-Grand'Rivière hiking trail.
  • Round trip walking time : 6 hours.
  • Accessibility: Must be in good physical condition - places to climb with a rope and to rappel down.

The Couleuvre waterfall

Also located in the north of the island, on the volcanic massif of the Montagne Pelée, the Couleuvre waterfall is one of the highest in Martinique. The hike to get there is as worthwhile as the arrival: in the middle of the rainforest you will cross the river several times, climb rocks, while being surrounded by dense, wild and absolutely exceptional vegetation. Keep your eyes open: you will be able to see mongooses, crayfish and even Matoutous Falaises, the endemic mygale of Martinique, a protected species since 2017! When you arrive at the waterfall, you can bathe and brush yourself with pure green clay.

  • Height : 130 meters.
  • Starting point : Parking of Anse Couleuvre, in Prêcheur.
  • Round trip walking time : 2 hours.
  • Accessibility: Easy, ideal for families - the trail is managed by the National Forestry Office.

Cascade Couleuvre Martinique

The waterfalls of the Gorges de la Falaise

Located in the North, in Ajoupa-Bouillon, close to the Montagne Pelée, the waterfalls of the Gorges de la Falaise are among the most exotic with their numerous natural pools of fresh and clear water, in the heart of the tropical forest.

For safety reasons, it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide.

  • Height : 14 meters.
  • Starting point : From Ajoupa Bouillon, follow the direction of Saint-Pierre until the parking near the Gorges.
  • Round trip walking time : 1 hour.
  • Accessibility : You must be in good physical condition - You will have to swim several times during the hike and climb many rocks.
  • Price : €7 for an adult, €4 for a child.

The Dany waterfall, the most discreet on the island

Buried at the bottom of the Gorges de la Falaise, the Dany waterfall is so little known that it is not even listed on the maps. Born from the volcanic eruption of 1902, it will satisfy the travelers in search of adventure: tortuous path, wide vegetation, you will go up the Falaise river with some passages in the Gorges.

  • Starting point : Parking of the grocery store, after the church on the National 3 between Morne-Rouge and Ajoupa Bouillon.
  • Round trip walking time : 3 hours.
  • Accessibility : You must be in good physical condition.

Saut-Gendarme, the most famous waterfall in Martinique

Located near Fonds-de-Saint-Denis, close to the Pitons du Carbet, the Saut Gendarme waterfall is the most famous, the most frequented and the easiest to access. The site is arranged so that you can bathe and picnic. If you want a little more privacy, other waterfalls and turquoise pools are located above the site and are less frequented because they are more difficult to access.

  • Height : 10 meters.
  • Starting point : Departmental road n°1, direction Fonds-Saint-Denis.
  • Round trip walking time : 10 minutes.
  • Accessibility : Easy, ideal for families.

La cascade Saut Gendarme en Martinique

The Gorges de l'Alma waterfall

Located in the wildest part of the island where everything is greener and wetter, the Gorges de l'Alma waterfall is accessible after crossing six basins and a succession of small waterfalls with the help of ropes whose solidity you should check before venturing in.

  • Height: 40 meters.
  • Starting point : Parking of the Plateau Boucher.
  • Round trip walking time: 6 hours.
  • Accessibility : You must be in good physical condition.

The Carbet waterfall

Little known, the Carbet waterfall is hidden behind the old Aqualand. The hike to reach it consists of going up the river with your feet in the water. The waterfall has a unique shape in Martinique and flows into a three-meter deep pool, ideal for diving. The place is once again heavenly!

  • Starting point : Parking of the old Aqualand.
  • Round trip walking time: 1 hour.
  • Accessibility: Good physical condition - suitable for families.

The waterfall of Bô La Rivié

Located in the middle of a natural ecotourism park in La Trinité, the Bô La Rivié waterfall is the largest on the island and one of the easiest to access. You will cross beautiful fields of tropical flowers to reach it and will be able to enjoy its natural jacuzzi in the middle of the river.

You will also be able to spend a nice day with your family while enjoying the many non-noisy and non-polluting games available - badminton, ping-pong, bocce ball, volleyball, archery, board games, scooters, kayak... And even sleep in one of the creole huts! A real earthly paradise.

  • Starting point: Bô Lariviè Loisirs Village Trinité.
  • Time of walk to and from : 30 minutes.
  • Accessibility : Easy, suitable for families.
  • Price : €12 for an adult, €10 for a child - reserve.

The waterfalls of Fonds Nicolas

Located in the northeast, in the commune of Le Robert, the Fonds Nicolas waterfalls are of a rare beauty with their curiously shaped pools, populated by crayfish and Tilapia, small silver fish.

  • Starting point: Association of the rural home of Fonds Nicolas.
  • Walking time : 1 hour.
  • Accessibility: Easy, suitable for families.

Go on a adventure in the waterfalls of Martinique!

Illustration d'une chute d'eau en Martinique

This is what you need to prepare for an itinerary rich in authentic experiences and adventures through the treasures of our beautiful flower island!

Note that to explore the waterfalls in Martinique, a car will be essential, as buses do not lead to the starting points. Moreover, these visits should be avoided in rainy weather, as the routes could be impassable, or even dangerous in some places. And don't forget to wear good walking shoes and your bathing suit!

List of waterfalls in Martinique

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