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Discover the Bouliki Heart

2 mins reading

Coeur Bouliki is an ideal place to relax in Martinique. Surrounded by thousands of acres of tropical trees, waterfalls, rivers and other natural wonders. Coeur Bouliki is an excellent destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Description of the Bouliki Heart

Many tourists flock to St. Joseph to visit the Coeur Bouliki waterfall. With its pleasant waterfalls and beautiful vegetation, Coeur Bouliki has gained a very good tourist reputation. The place is very appreciated by young and old alike.


Coeur Bouliki is one of the best places to go hiking. Lose yourself in the beauty of this tropical forest. Admire the unique flora of one of the most beautiful corners of Martinique. Want to refresh yourself? Bathe in the fresh and invigorating waters of the white river. A unique experience awaits you.

Coeur Bouliki randonnée

Practical Information

Coeur Bouliki in Martinique has excellent catering facilities (carbets, tables and chairs). The site also has very good sanitary facilities making Coeur Bouliki a very comfortable place. Not sure when to leave? Don't worry, we recommend that you go in the summer, which is the ideal season to visit Coeur Bouliki.

Keep in mind that it is very dangerous in times of heavy rain. Remember to keep Coeur Bouliki clean and please do not destroy its spaces. Please keep in mind that this is the home of other species and that we are only visitors.

Address and access map

Coeur Bouliki is located in the city of Saint-Joseph in the east of Martinique. Saint-Joseph is about 20 minutes away from Fort-de-France. There are several routes to get to Saint-Joseph from the capital of Martinique.

We recommend you to take the N4, it is the most direct and fastest route. Once in the town of Saint-Joseph, you must take the road that leads to the Morne des Olives. Near the soccer stadium of Saint-Joseph, drive to the parking lot. Once there, you will have to walk along the 3 rivers and cross the ford.So, are you ready for the adventure? Go and discover a jewel of nature. A place where waterfalls give life. Where tropical flowers grow into a natural art form. A place far from the traffic jams, pollution and overcrowding of big cities. A place where humans and nature coexist in harmony.

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