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Waterfall of Didier in Martinique

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Today, we take the height, and we discover a treasure of the Martinique nature: the Cascade of Didier. Take secret paths and overlook the Dumauzé River during your walk. This hike has become over the years an essential activity for all forest lovers.

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It allows you to surpass yourself physically, while enjoying this green setting. In this article especially concocted for you, discover without further delay what you need to know about Didier's waterfall. Put on your walking shoes, the walk starts now!

Description of the Didier waterfalls

Didier's waterfall is still the proof that only nature is able to create such a marvel. The human being has only to contemplate it! It is located on the heights of the town of Fort-de-France. Hidden from view, this waterfall is only available to people who have taken the trouble to brave the obstacles of a lush vegetation.

However, before detailing the conditions of the journey that awaits you, let's discover together the characteristics of the Didier waterfall. There are actually two of them. The first one, considered to be the smaller one and the second one, which is the bigger one.

Visitors, after 20 to 25 minutes of walking from the beginning of their excursion, can observe the first waterfall. It is located just behind the Duclos River dam. For those who want more and are determined, they can take the second route to reach the second waterfall.

It is located much higher and at the bottom of a valley. You should know that, as its accessibility is reduced, there are fewer people who go there. Without any doubt, this big waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Martinique.

Cascades de Didier

The hike

Be prepared to climb for about an hour to get a good look at the waterfalls. To get there, you just have to follow the Didier road, named after the sparkling mineral water factory. To give you an idea, the factory is already located at 200 m altitude on the heights of Fort-de-France. Once you reach the factory, a path continues past the water treatment plant. Park your car, let's go!

The first waterfall of Didier

The hike officially starts once you take the passage on the left. Your landmark is a fence, which then leads you to a bridge. Normally you are not alone, other curious people regularly take this path to reach the waterfalls.

You'll soon understand why you need to wear your best hiking boots, the terrain is far from flat and can even become slippery. So keep an eye on the weather, if it rained the day before, expect a trickier route.Once you reach the end of the trail, you have to cross a tunnel.

Cascade Didier

This one is quite dark, so bring a flashlight or better, a headlamp, to light your way. Some bats are used to live here. Silence is therefore required if you don't want to wake them up!

To reach the end of the tunnel, your challenge is to pass over a large pipe. Did you make it? Good, now you just have to take the path on your right and follow the river. After fifteen minutes, you will reach the Duclos River dam. The first waterfall is just behind.

The second waterfall of Didier

If you are one of the more adventurous hikers, you might be tempted to continue your hike to reach the second waterfall. We warn you, you must appreciate climbing. From the first waterfall, consider that the climb takes about half an hour.

There are no markers, just walk up the river and jump from rock to rock. One thing is for sure, this is a physical trip. When you see this big waterfall at the bottom of the valley, you will be glad you used your resources to get there!

Practical information

The most important thing to remember about this hike on the heights of the town of Fort-de-France is that you need to be well-equipped with hiking accessories. The fact of being able to admire the waterfalls is deserved, it is not a small health walk! You advance in a protected zone of the tropical forest park of Martinique, it is thus necessary to be respectful of the environment, the fauna and the flora. It is forbidden to picnic or to fish in this area. The crossing of the river can be dangerous, because the ground is slippery and the water rises. Young children should be supervised by well-equipped adults.

Cascade Didier

Address and access map

  • Address : Cascade de Didier, Schoelcher, Martinique
  • City : Fort-de-France 97 200
  • Start and finish of the course : Fontaine Didier
  • Duration of the course : between one hour and one hour and a half
  • Distance : between 1.8 km and 2.6 km, depending on whether you decide to reach only the first waterfall or if you want to see both.
  • Difference in altitude: between 130 and 150 meters

Difficulty of the hike

The difficulty of the route will depend on your physical condition and whether you are a regular hiker. The first part of the hike, which corresponds to the first waterfall, is more suitable for all types of people, while the second part is suitable for experienced hikers. The trail is mostly marked.

Let's go!

You now have in your possession all the useful information to prepare your future hike in the Martinique forest. The Didier waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of this small Caribbean island. Moreover, there is a greater influx of people on weekends. If you can afford to go for a walk during the week, you can hope to swim in one of these private pools just for you.

The city of Fort-de-France in 6 questions

80 041 habitants

Area: 123 369 km2

Density: 1810 km2

  • The covered market of Fort-de-France
  • Saint-Louis Cathedral of Fort-de-France
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Balata
  • Fort Saint-Louis, building classified as a historical monument (MH)
  • Schœlcher Library (MH)
  • Aimé Césaire's house, building listed as a historic monument
  • Surena bakery, building listed as a historic monument
  • Pointe des Nègres lighthouse, building listed as a historic monument
  • Regional museum of history and ethnography of Martinique
  • Statue of Empress Josephine on the Savane square (MH)
  • Saint-Louis Cathedral
  • Museum of Father Pinchon
  • Aimé-Césaire Theater, former City Hall of Fort-de-France, building registered MH
  • Church of the Sacred Heart of Balata (MH)
  • The Savane garden, measuring 5 ha, is located on the outskirts of Fort Saint-Louis
  • In 2005, the perimeter of the regional natural park of Martinique encompasses the northern part of the commune
  • The Balata garden, started in 1982 and opened to the public in 1986, is a botanical garden located 10 kilometers from downtown
  • Aimé-Césaire Cultural Park, renamed in 2008
  • The Absalon waterfall
  • Departmental Museum of Pre-Columbian Archaeology
  • Translated with (free version)
  • Simon Hotel –  1 Avenue Loulou, Boislaville
  • Karibea Squash Hotel – Rue de la libération
  • Karibea la Valmenière – 4 Avenue des Arawak
  • Résidence Fort Savane – 5 Rue de la liberté

Rue Victor Sevère | BP646 - 97262 FdF Cedex

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  • Restaurant The Yellow – 51 Rue Victor Hugo
  • Le Babaorum – 42 Route de Chateauboeuf
  • Grenade & Basilic – 4 Rue Garnier Pagès
  • Kay Ali – 145 Avenue Condorcet
Discover 97 Authentic Activities to Explore in Martinique!

Unforgettable adventures await you - whether with family, as a couple, with friends, or for unusual discoveries. Find the perfect activity for every moment!

Easy and Secure Booking

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