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Monuments of Martinique

Ruins, works of art and emblems of Martinique

You dream of basking on wonderful beaches with ebony or diamond white sand. You already imagine yourself in turquoise or emerald waters. Martinique, this unforgettable place offers you much more: a rich heritage of history and culture.

Come and discover its historical monuments and its rich past. You will be spoilt for choice between museums, historical sites, cultural outings, works of art and local life. Don't wait any longer and dive into a summary of all the wonders that await you.

Discover Martinique and the unmissable city of Saint-Pierre 

In Saint Pierre, you will witness an event that marked the history of this ancient capital. It was engulfed under the burning lava of the volcanic eruption of May 8, 1902. You will have the chance to explore the remains of a time that is gone forever.

The dungeon of Cyparis, a place full of emotion, which housed one of the few survivors of that cursed day. Not far away, you will be reminded of the festive moments of yesteryear with the ruins of the Saint Peter's theatre. To continue the journey into the past, visit the Bethlehem Asylum.

There are still ruins and arches of this place that disappeared under the burning cloud of Mount Pelee. Take a moment of calm and rest in the cemetery of the Fort charged with emotion. For those who are fond of big buildings, stroll near the church of the Fort or the Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption cathedral.

After this return in time, come back to the present and take a bath in the crowd, a bath of life. If you want to meet the people of Martinique and their good mood, don't miss the markets! 

It is the ideal place to find souvenirs and local products. You can mingle with the local population and soak up the warm Creole atmosphere.

Fort-de-France a visit for all tastes 

Whether you prefer museums or architecture, past or present, you will find what you are looking for. Fort-de-France is full of a very well preserved heritage and symbolizes the monuments of Martinique. For colourful mornings and authentic meals, you will stroll through the market stalls. Head for the famous spice market or covered market. 

It embodies the preservation of the traditions and customs of the past. Once you have had your fill, don't miss the magnificent Schoelcher Library built by the same architect as the market. Next to it, you can't miss the Bouguenot pavilion. 

A detour is in order to admire its typically colonial architecture of the XIXᵉ century. If you are more nature-oriented, then you will succumb to the garden that surrounds it with many hundred-year-old palm trees.

Are you a lover of live entertainment? You will be won over by the Aimé Césaire theatre, a place of culture and former town hall of the capital. The old mill of Didier will be a perfect stop to scan the horizon and soak up a beautiful view of the city.

After all these peregrinations, refresh yourself at the monumental Gueydon fountain. This is an unmissable stop on your tour under the hot Martinique sun. If you are feeling peckish, a visit is a must. The Surena bakery of 1906. Classified as a historical monument, in this pastry den, discover local flavours.

You will enjoy an authentic moment for your eyes and taste buds. You will surely pass by the statue of Empress Josephine, don't be surprised if she has lost her head. Activists have decapitated her as a protest against this symbol of the endorsement of slavery. In every monument in Martinique, there is always a detail that will remind you of the abolition of slavery.

Questions fréquentes sur Monuments

In the heart of the Caravelle peninsula, you will discover the majestic ruins of the Dubuc castle. More than a historical monument, its location offers visitors a fascinating panorama of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

While crossing the villages, you will be able to stop on numerous markets all as colorful as the others. Each one will have its particular touch that will make it unique. Whether it is the one in Trois-Ilets or Saint Esprit, you will taste the delights of the island of flowers.

For the tourists who like to take height, the lighthouses do not miss. Go and visit the Caravelle lighthouse or the Prêcheur lighthouse which proudly face the winds. 

For the sportsmen, you will not remain on your hunger. The road of the trace of 40 km will calm your ardor and will fill your senses with wonder.

The Neg Marron will welcome you in the town of Le Diamant. This statue was erected as a biting reminder of the people's relentless struggle for freedom. It is the mark of the abolition of slavery and will not fail to touch your mind and your heart

Take the opportunity to have a look at the convict's house built by a sculptor after his return from the penal colony. In Schoelcher, the trees of freedom will delight art fans, here too a symbol of freedom and human nature on a seaside.

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of colonialism, head to Basse-Pointe. Many mansions are wonderfully preserved. Vestiges of a bygone era, but still very present in the memories.

And for the budding travelers, fascinated by the adventures of cloaks and swords, the choice of visiting the Forts will fill you up. Fort d'Alet, Fort de la pointe du Bout, and so many others, you have a panel that will fill your days! Do you like legends? Then go to the cemetery of the church in Carbet. You can imagine a thousand stories in front of the tomb of the Spanish lady.

Plantation of sugar cane or cocoa, banana plantations and embodiment of the former times of servitude and slavery. The Eyma house was the birthplace of the poet Aimé Césaire, famous in the West Indies and father of negritude. The Pécoul house is a testimony of the colonial architecture and its gardens are a delight for the eyes.

Alternate between lazing under the coconut trees, intense and wild hikes in the heart of the island and wandering to enrich your knowledge. An island full of flavor and history, Martinique will not disappoint you!