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Tombolo in Martinique, an amazing phenomenon

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The tombolo is a very popular and expected event for the Martinican population. It has also found its place in a song, sung by one of our Martinican artists called Kalash. Moreover, to honor his native country, he shot the video clip of this song in Sainte Marie.

Some Martiniqueans did not know the existence of the tombolo in Martinique. It is thanks to this popular song that they discovered it.

Through this article, we take you to the Tombolo of Martinique; Continue to read us, you will know more...

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What is the tombolo ?

Of Italian origin, the tombolo means "tongue of sand which advances in the sea".

It is a coastal cordon that connects an ilet to its continent / or the coast in this case the ilet Sainte Marie and the city of Sainte Marie which is located just opposite.

How is the tombolo formed?

Thanks to the force of nature, marine currents, tides and winds, a sandy strip is formed by separating two waters allowing visitors to go to the ilet Sainte Marie.

Take off your shoes and walk the 200 meters from the beach to the islet Sainte Marie.

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The tombolo of Sainte Marie and its animations

The tombolo is an ephemeral phenomenon which lasts 4 months in the year from January to April. The tombolo is very much awaited by the inhabitants of Martinique and its visitors; to make this event festive, the Town Hall of Sainte Marie makes every effort to make it live "Tombolo in festival" thanks to various animations which take place on the sea front of Sainte Marie:

Guided tours of the Tombolo

Resident in Martinique or tourist, you want to know more about the city of Sainte Marie, you want to know the history of Tombolo? Contact the Sainte-Marie town hall to schedule a visit.

Horseback riding

An original way to discover the city of Sainte-Marie and its Tombolo, why not do it on horseback? Madinina Poney Club offers horseback rides for all levels supervised by a professional guide.

You can also attend beach volleyball and tennis matches and watch kite flying enthusiasts.

What to expect for the crossing of the Tombolo?

Once the Tombolo is bare, you can cross it barefoot or with special water shoes. When the sun is shining, remember to protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat.

Before crossing, consult the weather forecast and/or the fishermen nearby who know the tides very well.

Some precautions to take before going to the Tombolo.

  • Tide schedule of the tombolo at Sainte Marie
  • Precautions (rough sea) - weather

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Visit the city of Sainte-Marie in Martinique

You have finished the Tombolo, you still have some physical resources left; go and discover the city of Sainte-Marie. For the most famous :

Banana Museum

It offers you the possibility to visit three poles: agricultural pole, exhibition pole and a discovery pole. Within the park, walk around and discover about sixty varieties of banana trees from all over the world.

Saint James Rum Museum

Here, you will find the different stages of rum production, from the cultivation of the cane to the ageing in barrels thanks to a photo exhibition. In addition, the harvest takes place from February to June, for the occasion guided tours of the distillery are organized.

Where is the tombolo in Martinique ?

On vacation or for a weekend stroll, go to the North of Martinique and discover the Tombolo in Sainte Marie from January to April. The city of Sainte Marie is one of the communes of the North-East of Martinique on the Atlantic coast.

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About the author

My name is Mirella, I am from Martinique and I currently live in the Toulouse area. Since 2019 I am interested in community animation and I quickly found an appetite for tourism. Simply because I like to travel and discover new horizons.

Since I love to get out of my comfort zone, after training in Community Management, I started writing articles for the web in tourism. I love writing content especially about travel - even more so when it comes to my island!

Highlighting the culture, the gastronomy and the paradisiacal places of Martinique is my mission. I hope you enjoy reading my articles :)

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