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The best catamaran excursions in Martinique

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Martinique is the very definition of a paradise island. Lush nature in the north, bays with turquoise waters in the south, the island lends itself as much to idleness as to exploration. Its location between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean also makes it an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts. Do you want to discover Martinique in a different light? Do you dream of white bottoms and picnics in the open sea? Let yourself be inspired by a catamaran excursion in Martinique!

Wild nature and volcanic beaches, discover the north of Martinique

The natural reserve of La Caravelle

Visualize a map of Martinique, and you'll see an overhang between land and sea in the east of the island. This stretch of land is the Presqu'île de la Caravelle. The place is very popular with hikers for its many tours. It also offers a dive into history at the ruins of a former sugar farm, the Château Dubuc. The beach of the Baie du Trésor is located at its feet. Aptly named, it is only accessible to hikers and boaters.

A true haven of peace, the bay offers a safe anchorage sheltered from the wind. You will be able to dock aboard a privatized catamaran with a skipper from the Spoutourne nautical base. You can kayak through the mangrove or meet the turtles that hide in its grass beds. Not far away, you can also anchor on the islet of the Table du Diable and its rich aquatic fauna.

The regional natural park of Martinique

The regional natural park of Martinique covers a large portion of the island, but it is in the north that you will find its most unmissable sites. Are you a hiker? The Pitons du Carbet trail or the ascent of the Montagne Pelée will satisfy your desire for thrills. Nearby, you can visit the ruins of the old historical trading post of Saint-Pierre, destroyed by an eruption in 1902.

For a more relaxing stroll, the park is also an exceptional setting for a catamaran excursion in Martinique. Indeed, it shelters a protected maritime zone where numerous species of cetaceans flourish. The great diversity of marine birds also makes the happiness of ornithology enthusiasts. Several excursionists departing from Les Trois-Ilets propose to combine wildlife observation and discovery of the north of the island.

From islets to fine sandy beaches, sail in the south of Martinique

Josephine's Bathtub

Did the empress Josephine bathe here one day? History does not say so. However, legend has attributed her name to this natural pool of turquoise water. The site is one of the most famous in Martinique. It is located in the heart of the bay of François, famous for its numerous islets with white bottoms. In practice, these islets are in the open sea, but you can swim there in complete peace of mind. And for good reason, you can walk there! Josephine's bathtub is no exception, just like the neighboring Ilet Oscar. This sandbar shelters a unique ecosystem and, more unusual, a colonial house transformed into a guest house.

You will also be able to discover nearby the Thierry islet. This islet marks the starting point of the underwater snorkeling trail of the islets of François. Catamaran excursions in small groups will take you from the marina of François to the Josephine bathtub and its surroundings. As a bonus, you may be entitled to a rum tasting. For the more athletic, the site is also accessible by kayak.

Les Anses-d'Arlet

The authentic Creole houses of Anses-d'Arlet have earned the village the title of second favorite village of the French in 2020. On the seaside, the village and its surroundings are perfect for a catamaran excursion in Martinique. At the Diamond Rock, relive the 18-month-long battle between the English and the French fleet. At the Grande Anse d'Arlet, get out masks and snorkels to discover the crystal clear sea bed.

A sailboat excursion will also allow you to get closer to the bat cave or to see the Ramiers islet and its classified fort. The access to the site is forbidden to this day because of the danger of the ground. However, a project of patrimonial revalorization plans to organize guided tours in the fortified battery. If you are interested in history, you can wait thanks to the Karisko association. This last one will make you plunge in the atmosphere of the time at the time of punctual scenarized visits.

Photo of the Anses d'Arlet pontoon

Excursion catamaran Martinique - Our suggestions

An excursion to discover several islets

Martinique has nearly 50 islets. Of course, you will not be able to visit them all during your stay. However, many excursions by sailboat offer you the possibility to go from one islet to another for half a day or a full day. Some include a rum tasting and a Creole meal. If most of the excursionists concentrate on the bays of François and Robert, the islets visited can vary. What they all have in common is a dreamy landscape in an emerald sea.

Among the most popular, the islet Chancel is considered as the jewel of the bay of Robert. In addition to its white bottoms and its historical vestiges, you will meet iguanas endemic to Martinique. If you are traveling with children, the Trapeze beach is ideal for safe swimming. You can also discover the coral reefs and the lagoon of the îlet Madame or the volcanic landscapes of the îlet du Petit Piton. The Ilet Loup-Garou will reveal its postcard-like appearance. Surrounded by white sand beaches, it is however difficult to reach.

Catamaran excursions to meet the cetaceans

Excursions to meet cetaceans are organized all year round from Trois-Ilets or Anses-d'Arlet. In the north of the island, the Agoa marine sanctuary offers magical moments in the middle of a protected area. This marine area is indeed dedicated to the protection of marine mammals that come to reproduce in the Caribbean waters.

Depending on the season, you can observe bottlenose dolphins or even humpback whales in their natural habitat. All excursions in the sanctuary are organized with respect to the environment. You will not be able to swim with the animals. However, most of the tour operators plan a swim in a cove or an inlet after the observation session.

From heavenly white seabeds to islets with lush vegetation, Martinique's riches are also revealed on the seaside. The island is full of preserved creeks, aquatic wildlife observation sites and authentic beaches. Do you want to combine exclusive discoveries with comfort? Don't miss a catamaran trip to Martinique!

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