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Top 8 instagram photo spots in Martinique

2 mins reading

White and black sand, a rich culinary culture, an exceptional fauna and flora, Martinique is definitely a heavenly destination for instagram photography lovers.

We sourced our favorite instagram accounts to ask them what are the most instagram-movable spots in Martinique. We have gathered the 8 best photo spots that you will be proud to have in your feed!

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1. Alley of royal palms - Distillerie Clément

Gold medal winner at the Paris Agricultural Show in 2020, Clément rum is a must on the island. The Clément distillery is an opportunity to discover the making of rum in the heart of a heritage and industrial site. To conclude the visit, you will just have to immortalize the scene in its alley of Royal Palms!

2. Didier's Waterfalls

The path leading to the Cascades de Didier is strewn with surprises, a dark tunnel... Bats... Enough to give you an adrenalin shot!

But don't be mistaken! The reward is a magnificent view of the waterfall.

3. Cap 110

150 years after the abolition of slavery, a commemorative monument has been realized in Le Diamant, at Anse Caffard. This monument was made of a mixture of concrete and sandstone in Trinidad and Tobago by the sculptor Laurent Valère.

This work is a true symbol of the history of the island's people. To learn more about the memorial park, we invite you to read this article from about the Cape 110 Memorial in Martinique.

4. Les Anses d'Arlet : the most instagrammed of Martinique

In its "old postcard" atmosphere the fishing village of Anses d'Arlets has everything a photographer is looking for. Creole houses, a charming church, hot sand and an iconic pier leading to the turquoise water. This picturesque scene is undoubtedly one of the most popular with photographers visiting Martinique.

5. Grand'Rivière Bridge

Surrounded by steep hills, La Pelée and a rough sea, this wild and isolated spot has kept its authenticity. This winding road will make you pass by the longest bridge of Martinique which flies over the Potiche river. We won't tell you more, but... The scenery that surrounds it is of a blinding beauty!

6. Morne Larcher

The highest ascent of the south of the island (450m), closed by a panoramic view which overhangs the city of Diamant and its rock. At the top, you feel cut off from the world.

7. Coconut tree in Le Diamant

A true symbol of the island, Diamond beach offers a resplendent view of the Diamond Rock. From sunrise to sunset, your photo can only be successful on this coconut tree of Diamond beach.

Do you know why it is called Diamond Rock? This island owes its name to the different reflections of its walls which at certain times of the day, shine like a diamond!

Discover at the same time the 7 most beautiful beaches of the island!

8. Pontoon of Anse Noire

Emerging from the steep slopes of the surrounding hills, the quiet beach of Anse Noire will surprise you with its atypical landscape, bathed in vegetation, this cove is a real open-air aquarium with its exceptional sea bed.

For those who prefer to stay on land, the sand of this beach, of dark color, or the long pontoon surrounded by turquoise water are the ideal place for a day of idleness (or a beautiful photo memories!)

And you, what would be your top 8 most Instagram-worthy places in Martinique?

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About the author

27 years old, Marving grew up in Schœlcher, in Fond-Lahaye and Anse Madame more precisely. Passionate about the digital world, he works as a digital marketing consultant during the day and regularly writes articles about his native island.

Marving Moreton

Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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