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8 Restaurants in Martinique that you won't forget!

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Restaurants in Martinique : The reputation of the Creole cuisine for its flavors and colors, it owes it to authentic recipes passed from generation to generation. With your family, as lovers or solo, browse the Martinique menu.

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The Romantic Escape

Case Coco

What better way to feel like you're in the heart of the Caribbean than with a good traditional lobster grill on the water? This is exactly the experience that Case Coco restaurant offers and it has charmed all those who have set foot there. You won't be the exception, I promise! The service is excellent, the food delicious and served with the utmost care. With a bb, a swimming pool and a terrace to admire the sunset beyond the coconut trees, it is indeed the address to visit for a romantic dinner in Sainte-Luce.

Le Zandoli : the most romantic restaurant in Martinique

For a special romantic dinner, go to the restaurant Le Zandoli in Trois-îlets. One of the most original and renewed menus of the island. Refined dishes in a sober and sumptuous setting, please your darlings by inviting them for a gastronomic experience without equal, a magical view in the evening on the bay.

For an unforgettable sea view

The bottom of the sea

The breathtaking view that this restaurant offers on the beach will leave you mesmerized. Serving typical Martinique dishes, very tasty, the simplicity and taste of its cuisine will leave you absolutely converted to Creole cuisine!


The mixture of French and Creole cuisine par excellence! An authentic West Indian chef invites you to his table, how could you not? For a panoramic view of the bay of Fort de France, a colorful cuisine with a touch of originality specific to this address. You won't get tired of your meals at Les Trois-Iles!

Creole cooking with the family

Le Babaorum - The family restaurant of Martinique

Discover this restaurant with family or friends in the district of Fort-de-France. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere for an unforgettable family experience. Combining French dishes and Creole flavors, its dishes are very diversified: tuna with green sauce, shrimp gratin, christophines, enough to lick your lips! As for the bar, try Babaorum's signature drinks, such as the Ginger or the Rihana, you'll tell us about it!

The bamboo

Located in the commune of Morne-Rouge, this is the address to discover with your family, a true hymn to Creole cuisine. Join the list of the followers of this table since 1987! The dishes are tasty, hearty and full of life. The service is excellent and the menu is often updated with continuous innovation incorporating tradition and modernity. The Martinique restaurant welcomes the whole family and offers a creole garden with magical colors to discover.

Tante Arlette, the oldest restaurant in Martinique

A real little corner of paradise for lovers of the Creole culinary tradition! Find Tante Arlette, in the center of Grand Rivière, a family restaurant for three generations, how did they manage to keep its success for all these years? Well the explosion of pleasure that greets your palate with each bite could have something to do with it, we're not sure. You'll have to try the roasted lobster with roucou yourself to be sure!

Learn to cook Creole !

Auntie Maryse's Restaurant

Afraid you'll miss Martinique when you get home? Take a little taste of adventure with you. Learn the recipes for your favorite dishes and enjoy them whenever and wherever you want all year long! While many restaurants offer this option, Auntie Maryse's workshop offers an unparalleled experience with a fully equipped kitchen, a chef who follows you step by step, all outdoors, without the stuffiness of an indoor kitchen. You can do these workshops with your partner or with friends, they can accommodate up to 10 people. You won't find a better way to discover the natural products of the West Indies yourself.

The restaurants of Martinique: authenticity for all tastes

Refinement, simplicity and authenticity, the restaurants of Martinique have something for everyone! Taste typical Martinique dishes with your feet in the water, your eyes in the eyes or your eyes on the horizon, you choose!

Don't hesitate to share your favorites in comments.

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Discover 97 Authentic Activities to Explore in Martinique!

Unforgettable adventures await you - whether with family, as a couple, with friends, or for unusual discoveries. Find the perfect activity for every moment!

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