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Hiking in Martinique: top 10 hikes not to be missed!

In addition to its beautiful sandy beaches and coconut trees, Martinique is known for its different levels. Nearly 250 km of paths to walk between its mountains and its volcanoes... enough to delight the hiking lovers that you are!

The island of flowers offers beautiful excursions in nature, with or without a guide, whatever your level. With this top 10 hikes not to be missed in Martinique, discover the richness of the island and go on an adventure!

For a wild hike in Martinique, let's go to the savannah!

The Savane des Pétrifications - Medium

With its 4 km length, this trail will give you a great view. Of an exceptional beauty, the Savane des Petrifications will allow you to observe different landscapes. The trail starts at Anse à Prunes, a charming little deserted and wild beach and ends at Anse Trabaud.

You will start the hike once you cross this famous small wooden bridge connecting the edges of a marsh. In the middle of an arid zone, you will believe yourself in a kind of small desert. The place is quite atypical! You will finish the route once you see the Pointe d'Enfer. Not far from there, the Anse Trabaud, this superb white sand beach and its turquoise water which rises in front of you. A beautiful nature hike as we like them.

Hikes for the sporty and the more experienced!

Le Prêcheur / Grand Rivière - Difficult

The most hardened among you will not leave Martinique without having tried the Prêcheur / Grand Rivière trail. Don't forget to bring good walking shoes, because it's a 4 to 6-hour hike! You will be amazed by the diversity of the landscapes.

Between deserted beaches, rivers and an immersion in the rain forest, let yourself be charmed by this incredible walk. Alternate passages in the forest in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation, cross small streams, walk along the beach... Admire the overhanging view on the Anse des Galets. An ascent to the Petit Morne (359 m) is to be expected, so be prepared. In short, a simply heavenly setting! We recommend you to come back by fishing boat to vary the pleasures and rest from this long adventure. Remember to reserve your place in advance!


Morne Larcher - Difficult

A hike that you can't miss if you want to have a nice view on the Diamond Rock...The ascent of Morne Larcher. More than 400 m of difference in level under your feet to exalt you of the magnificent Diamond. The view on the superb cove of the same name will amaze you as well.

You can make a walk in one direction or the other, from the Petite Anse to the Anse Cafard or the other way around. It's a 3-hour hike and is accessible to the most determined among you. A part of the site is even classified because of its subjugating landscape, that's to say!

Walk, climb, jump, the acrobatic hikes of Martinique with a view!

Mount Pelée - Difficult

In the category of volcanic summit, we ask for the Montagne Pelée! From the top of its 1395 m, the Montagne Pelée is the highest point of Martinique. A breathtaking view on the bay of Saint-Pierre will be in front of your eyes!

The fastest among you will take the Grande Savane trail (starting from Le Prêcheur), the shortest, but also the steepest. If you like to take your time and have a good physical condition, choose the Morne Macouba trail (starting from Grand'Rivière).

The Aileron trail (from the first refuge of Morne Rouge at 820 m) is accessible to average hikers. On this path, you will alternate between some steep slopes, rock climbing and fern forests. Once you reach the first plateaus, punctuate your walk with the beautiful Caldera loop before reaching the Chinese summit. It is without doubt the most beautiful excursions of the island! We advise you to leave very early in the morning, because the weather can be capricious.

Piton Crève-Cœur trail - Medium

Head for an ancient volcanic peak of 200 m high; the Piton Crève-Cœur. Marvel at the panoramic view of the Presqu'île de Sainte-Anne and the Baie des Anglais. A short climb of 1 hour and a half with a breathtaking view at the end! Be careful, bring real walking shoes and be careful on the cliffs... The departure is near an old sugar factory between the districts of Bareto and Crève-Cœur at the level of Sainte-Anne. For the return, take the same path.

Didier's waterfalls - easy to difficult

A last acrobatic hike for the road... the Didier Waterfalls! You will reach the first waterfall in about 20 minutes. This first path is rather gentle. On the other hand, to reach the second one you will have to mobilize a little more strength. Expect to climb on ropes and encounter several other obstacles.

Apparently, it would also be advisable to equip yourself with a flashlight. You might even run into some bats along the way... You'll tell us about them! In short, some great adrenaline rushes are in store!

Cascades de Didier

The longest hike in Martinique for a superb walk in nature

Presqu'île de la Caravelle trail - Easy to medium

Integral part of the Regional Natural Park of Martinique, the Caravelle is drawn on nearly 15 km in the ocean. To the east of Trinité, this 400-hectare nature reserve is home to a rich fauna and diverse flora.

Leave to the discovery of this authentic landscape from the road of the Dubuc castle. From the vestiges of the castle, go to the highest point (148 m) of the Caravelle, the famous lighthouse, via the big path. Enjoy the incredible views of the cliffs and savannahs as well as the Baie du Trésor.

A sumptuous panoramic show just for your eyes. If you take the small path you will be amazed by the mangrove (specific landscape of the tropical coastline). This path is more suitable if you go with your children, because in addition to being shorter, it is shaded. An advice, leave as soon as possible in case the weather gets bad.

Presqu'ile de la Caravelle

With your family, take advantage of the most beautiful walks on the island

Saut Gendarme - easy

Another must for your hikes in Martinique if you go on an adventure with your family, the Saut Gendarme. You will appreciate this short walk of about twenty minutes punctuated by a small cool dip. Located in Fonds-Saint-Denis, this trail will be accessible to you by the Route de la Trace in the middle of the tropical forest. A wild and green landscape that will captivate your attention and will introduce you little by little to the site.

A few steps to go down, a wooden bridge to cross and a small stream to climb, you arrive at the waterfall! A beautiful little waterfall nestled in a green setting where you can picnic and refresh yourself. Be careful, you can dip your feet in it, but swimming is forbidden.

Randonnée Martinique saut gendarme

The Tombolo of Sainte-Marie - easy

Located on the northeast coast of Martinique, the Tombolo of Sainte-Marie is intriguing... The tombolo is a small strip of sand that connects the islet Sainte-Marie, a protected nature reserve, to the rest of the island. With the swell of the Atlantic Ocean, you can only access the peninsula on foot from January to April. The rest of the year, it is unfortunately missed for you. The sandy strip is underwater, and it is not possible to cross it.

Check with the Community Tourist Office of North Martinique. And make sure of the tide level, even in good times. You will almost believe you are walking on the water, on this sandbank lost in the middle of the ocean. It's quite impressive! Once on the other side, enjoy a breathtaking view and the trails that the islet offers.

Martinique : the refreshing hike par excellence, with friends or lovers

The Gorges de la Falaise - Easy to medium

You want an unusual and refreshing hike? Go to the Gorges de la Falaise ! Equip yourself with good water shoes and let's go for a trip to the water! Yes, you understood correctly. You will hike & swim in the water of the gorges all day long.

A great experience in a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation awaits you. At the end of your walk/swim, you will have a magnificent waterfall to relax by. In short, we advise you to practice your breaststroke in advance... !

The hikes of Martinique have no more secret for you. So, what are you waiting for?

1 km walking, it wears out, it wears out, 1 km walking, it wears out the shoes... With this top 10 hikes not to be missed in Martinique, the island of flowers will have no more secrets for you. Explore the richness of Martinique from its heights, its rivers, its waterfalls, in the water, on the beach... in short from different angles!

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