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Canyoning in Martinique

Find the best canyoning activities to experience in Martinique

Among the most popular sports activities in nature on the island, canyoning is at the top of the list. This extreme sport activity allows you to discover the most remote corners of the lush nature!

What is canyoning? 

Canyoning is a sport activity in the middle of nature that mixes hiking with climbing and abseiling, but all of which takes place in water. Overall, it consists in going up or down a river.

Very refreshing, the practice of canyoning also allows you to discover many places differently. You are closer to nature than usual and enjoy it from a different angle. During the activity, you will be perfectly equipped and will take advantage of the presence of a guide to alternate the moments of walks of natural toboggans, abseiling, etc. It is an ideal choice to combine sport with fun and nature.

What to know before going canyoning in Martinique ? 

The practice of canyoning is certainly fun, but it is more or less dangerous with the risk of accident. That is why some precautions must be taken.

The first thing to remember is never to go alone and to tell in advance which spot you are going to. Also, make sure you choose a course that corresponds to your level. Otherwise, you risk putting yourself in danger and having a bad time.

Where to go canyoning in Martinique? 

Like all the islands of the Caribbean, Martinique is particularly known for its relief, favorable to canyoning. With a very rich tropical nature, it offers several waterfalls, some as beautiful as the others because of the tropical climate subject to heavy rains. Waterfall inevitably rhymes with river which also rhymes with canyoning.

Sites for all levels 

Martinique is a must for canyoning. For beginners, there are numerous less technical sites, but which are all equally fun. This is particularly the case of the Absalon Canyon located near the Balata botanical garden and the canyoning at Saut Du Gendarme.

To discover one of the most beautiful canyoning sites in Martinique, go to the Mitan River canyon which is accessible to all. Finally, canyoning at the Savane Dury is also a good idea. By going up the cliff river, you will end up in the Gorges de la Falaise and discover an exceptional panorama.

For the more experienced, there are challenges on some spots that will require more discipline and practice. This is the case in particular at the Canyon de l'Alma where the jump is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Martinique. To do the whole course which is rather physical, it will be necessary to count 5 hours with a good thirty obstacles. The same is true of the Sisters Canyon, which will put your physical strength to the test with no less than 35 obstacles to overcome. These include rocks, faults and water rides.

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