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Visit of the mangroves of Martinique

We have listed for you the best activities to experience in Mangrove

The Mangrove of Martinique is a real natural jewel. Several types of excursions allow you to explore it in paradisiacal conditions! An idea for a visit not to be missed during a trip to Martinique. An outdoor activity that can be done as a couple, with family or friends.

What is the mangrove? 

The mangrove is a unique and particularly useful ecosystem. Located on the coastline, it is the link between the mouth of rivers and the sea. In these shallow waters where the mangrove acts as a buffer, the water is particularly salty and many plants and grasses cannot grow there.

In general, the mangrove grows mainly in tropical areas. Therefore, it is very important for the environment. It serves as protection during severe weather events such as cyclones, because its plants are particularly resistant. They also serve as shelters and ramparts against erosion. 

Indeed, the plants present prevent the coasts from eroding and protect the corals from the sediments coming from the land and carried by the rivers.

The fauna and flora of the Mangrove in Martinique 

The fauna and flora that manage to grow there are well acclimatized to this environment which is specific and even hostile and trying. We can observe mainly woody species such as mangroves which are also called mangles. They are easily recognizable by their visible roots above the water.

Concerning the fauna, the mangrove is the refuge of several species of birds, but especially herons or egrets. You can also see numerous crustaceans and numerous species of crabs: spider crabs, touloulous and fiddler crabs.

The mangrove is also home to insects, with termite mounds for example. And fish that can withstand the salt water, such as fry, can come and hide at the foot of the mangrove roots.

The best places to discover the mangrove in Martinique 

The mangrove of Génipa Bay is located in the bay of Fort-de-France and south of the city. It is the largest mangrove in Martinique. Martinique or Ile aux Fleurs has 1800 hectares of mangrove, which represents 6% of the wooded areas of the island. As for the mangrove of Génipa, it covers about two thirds of this mangrove area.

To explore this majestic mangrove we will propose you to pass by the Cocotte Channel or by the Salt River Channel. It is accessed from the shore, at the level of the town of Ducos. This expedition allows a total immersion in the heart of the mangrove.

There, the guide who will accompany you will be able to give you all the explanations on the fauna and flora of this space. He will show you the birds, crustaceans, insects and the different species of mangroves. The mangrove of Martinique is particularly rich and dense and well-preserved.

It is planned to classify it as a natural reserve. The visit of this preserved site is a total immersion in the heart of nature. An unusual and exotic escape to make to escape from the everyday in the heart of an atypical vegetation.

The mangrove of the bay of Génipa is therefore the essential spot to discover the mangrove of the island. Dense and preserved, it constitutes an ideal example of a mangrove. Visiting the mangrove allows you to discover the subtleties of the island, its fauna and flora, the different types of vegetation and ecosystems and to become aware of its usefulness and its importance.

Excursions to make in the mangrove 

The classic visits to discover the mangrove of Martinique are generally done by canoe or kayak or on board a small motorboat. The visits are supervised by passionate guides, who know perfectly Martinique, but especially the mangrove and its fauna and flora.

The guides will be able to answer all the questions you may have about this very special nature. They will be able to explain you its history, its evolution, its particularities and its advantages. You will know everything there is to know about the island's mangrove!

According to the chosen formula, these excursions can be completed by stopovers in Petit Îlet or Îlet Robinson for example. These trips allow you to discover the islands of the bay and explore their typical West Indian vegetation.

It will also be an opportunity to have a picnic on site with tasting of local products. There's nothing like a gourmet break to savor the delights of the Caribbean and Creole specialties: rum, punch, fruit juices ... A perfect getaway to explore and better understand Martinique.

The excursions are done in small groups, maximum 10/12 people. Departures are in the early morning or early afternoon. You can come directly to the departure point, there is a parking lot.

And transfers are also available from the hotels. This activity is possible all year round. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the most beautiful moments of this exploration. Also bring a cap or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Other activities around the sea excursions 

You can also book other activities around the sea trips. Excursions are offered in small motorboats, but also in catamarans or sailboats. The visits will be a little longer, but just as magical. Here again, you will be in small groups and will be able to discover the jewels of the Bay of Fort-de-France.

Cruises in the gulf that allow you to admire the white sandy beaches, the lagoons, the turquoise water, the beauty of the ocean. And of course, unforgettable lazy breaks in the shelter of the creeks, on the fine sand. And to top it all off, a swim in the warm Caribbean waters. Not forgetting of course, the chance to see dolphins, turtles and many varieties of fish.

Book now your excursion to the heart of the Mangrove of the island 

The discovery of the mangrove is among the visits not to be missed on the island. This outdoor activity will please all generations and will be a leisure to practice with family or friends.

The different formulas proposed are supervised by expert guides who know perfectly the nature of the island. They will be enthusiastic and ready to answer all your questions.

A kayak excursion will allow you to paddle and get closer to the water. As for the boat trip, it's perfect if you want to let yourself go without making any effort. In any case, both options allow you to go to the heart of the mangrove of the island of Martinique and to admire the smallest details.

Visits are made in small groups for a more intimate, calmer experience, and to make the most of this expedition in good conditions. If you are planning a trip to Martinique, alone, as a couple, with family or friends, consider including this activity in your program. This discovery of nature will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories. So don't wait any longer and book your activity as soon as possible.

Questions fréquentes sur Mangrove

Mangrove tours in Martinique usually last between 1 and 3 hours.

In general, the cost of an excursion of the type "visit of the mangrove" costs between 30 € and 50 € per adult.
However, the prices are likely to vary according to the activities: The mangrove of Trois-ilets, the mangrove of Marin, etc.

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