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Martinique in February

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February in Martinique launches the festivities for the season! It is the beginning of the dry season, the best season to discover Martinique. The heat rises crescendo with averages of 26°C with a pleasant cooling from the sea.

After a day of relaxation, let yourself be carried away by the frenzy of the Carnival, a cultural and tourist highlight at the end of the month for Martinique. We give you the key information to know to organize your trip to the island of flowers in February.

Carnival in the sun, Easter in the fire! 

Month of winter and the beginning of the dry season, it is the month that launches the festivities for the tourist season!

In Fort-de-France, high temperatures in February are relatively the same as in January, with fairly stable temperatures around 27.8 °C. The average low temperature is 22 °C.

The average water temperature is around 26°C. This is actually the two months with the lowest water temperature. We are talking about 26 °C... This is still an ideal temperature for swimming, diving and other water activities, even for long periods of time!

In February in Martinique, it rains approximately 13.5 days in a month. Throughout the month of February, there is more than 78 mm of rainfall that accumulates. 

The average duration of sunshine each day is 11 hours and 35 minutes.

The average ultraviolet index is 11.To translate this index into precautions: it is important to protect yourself from the sun's rays.Seek shade as often as possible and minimize exposure to the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. This is the time when UV radiation is strongest.

Also keep in mind that shading materials such as umbrellas provide only partial protection, so it is advisable to wear protective clothing, a hat with a wide brim, sunglasses and, most importantly, a sunscreen with a sun protection factor that matches your phototype.

fruits february martinique

Martinique is provided with many events as diverse as each other. Religious celebrations, fairs, popular festivals or sporting events... set the tempo for the year to the rhythm of the drums. February in Martinique, is simply THE festive month of the year. You can't miss the famous carnival of the island!

PS: there is also Ash Wednesday, a day of penitence celebrated in Martinique.

We have made an estimate of the price of a trip to Martinique without an agency:

  • All inclusive stay : 900 € / week
  • Round trip flight: 600 €. 

Is going to Martinique in February a good choice?

Yes, you will certainly not be the only tourist to think about Martinique for a trip in the middle of winter in France.

It is indeed the beginning of the high season, but the advantages of discovering Martinique in this period are numerous: weather, festivities and culture, budget.

Take the plunge and let yourself be carried away by the crowd to the rhythm of the drums and the Carnival floats after days filled with sunshine and breathtaking landscapes. Your return in more moderate temperatures will be full of memories.

Infographic created by Tourcrib

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About the author

27 years old, Marving grew up in Schœlcher, in Fond-Lahaye and Anse Madame more precisely. Passionate about the digital world, he works as a digital marketing consultant during the day and regularly writes articles about his native island.

Marving Moreton

Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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