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Martinique in April

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Swimming or diving in ideal water. Strolling the streets and markets in search of vegetables and fruits, Martinique in April, is an experience to live at least once in your life. Shall we take you there?

Martinique April beach

Martinique in April

"In April, don't lose your head"... Well... Yes. In Martinique you can? April is another month full of heat in the heart of the dry season. A season, which, as a reminder, is the one where the tourist population is more important, although it starts to decline slightly in April!

The month of April in Martinique was comparable to March, with temperatures rising slightly to an average high of 29.4°C and a low average of 23°C.

The average water temperature is 27°C. For any type of water activity, the ideal water temperature is between 25°C and 29°C. This means that the conditions are excellent for getting into the water!

It rains approximately 11.5 days in April. Throughout the month, there is an accumulation of 94 mm.

It is daylight more than 12.5 hours per day. The sunshine is approximately 7 hours!

Fruit month April martinique

In France, Easter is much like the British and American celebrations of the holiday, with its lamb meal on Easter Sunday and the popular tradition of painting and eating Easter eggs. However, in Martinique, things are very different!

Indeed, the Lenten period and the Easter weekend revolve around the matoutou, or "earth crab". The hunt for this creature, also called "matété" in the Creole language of Guadeloupe, begins on February 15 each year, when zatraps or ratières (traps) are set up to catch the crabs. Throughout Lent, islanders participate in events such as Le Crabe d'Or, a matoutou curry-making contest, and La Patte d'Or, where Martiniquais gather to watch a crab race!

On Good Friday, people usually attend mass, or go to a local calvary as part of a hike that retraces the stations of the cross. The rest of the weekend is often spent on the beach, enjoying delicious dishes like meat barbecues or acras (cod fritters).

But the star of the show is of course the crab, which is eaten on Monday in a curry sauce with rice and vegetables like breadfruit, yam, dasheen and sweet potato. Maybe for Easter, if you're in the mood for a change, you should forget about your traditional roast dinner and try preparing this exotic dish?

All inclusive stay : 900 € / week

Round trip flight : 570€.

Infographic on the weather in Martinique in April

Did our article convince you? Will we see you walking on the beaches and trails of Martinique in April? Tell us in comments! Don't hesitate to share your cultural tips that you have done or that you plan to do if you come to the island in April.

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