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Going to Martinique in July : is it a good choice ?

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At the heart of the wet season, it is rather hot and humid in Martinique in July. This period is characterized by an increase in rainfall and temperature at the same time, in other's the perfect month for swimming! If you like sunbathing and staring at the blue sky, July is a very good month to go to Martinique since the month has more than 224 hours of sunshine!

The best time to go to Martinique is from December to April.

Martinique en juillet


En juillet, pluie du matin est bonne au grain !

Le mois de juillet est-il le bon choix pour votre voyage en Martinique ?

July is the heart of the wet season.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the presence of rainfall does not appeal to conventional tourists, many visitors come to Martinique in July for its warm temperatures and affordable prices.

The average temperature in July is 30 degrees with a low average of 25 degrees and a high average of 31 degrees.

Is the water temperature pleasant? The water temperature is on average 28 degrees. A perfect temperature to enjoy the sea!

Well, this is still the central month of the rainy season, and there is rainfall more than 22 days in the month. Nevertheless, the rainfall is often punctual and does not last a whole day.

The month of July has more than 224 hours of sunshine, that is to say more than 8 hours of sunshine per day! If with that we do not have time to tan...

If you plan to go to Martinique in July, you should definitely bring a waterproof jacket to face the rain. On the other hand, remember to bring your shorts and t-shirts as well, as it is rather hot!

Fruits juillet martinique

A true cultural event, you don't want to miss the "Tour des yoles", a 7-stage competition aboard traditional boats of the island, the yoles. These boats are generally used by fishermen, with one or two sails. It takes place from July 25 to August 2 and is the most popular nautical competition in the country. During the Tour, many events take place along the beaches to the rhythm of the race: spicy and jovial! For more information, please visit the official website of the Tour des Yoles

For the month of July, start with the following price estimates:

  • Round trip flight: €760
  • Tourist season: high
  • All-inclusive stay: €1200

Summary table of the weather conditions in Martinique in July

Infographic created by Tourcrib

Discover our weather recommendations for the best period when to go visit Martinique:

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Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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