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What budget for a trip to Martinique?

1 min reading

Organizing your trip to paradise raises several questions: When to go? Where to go? How to leave? How long to stay? And above all... What is the budget necessary to go on vacation in Martinique?

For your adventure in Martinique, we have analyzed the average budget per person for 10 days with references from a dozen customer testimonials (you can also compare prices if you prefer all-inclusive packages)

For our simulation, we have included the main items such as accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment and car rental, which is essential to discover all the local jewels of the island.

Average budget per person for 10 days

Here is a table of the average budget for each category of expenses (airfare, accommodation, food etc.) to give you a more or less accurate idea of the budget you should plan for your trip.

Trip for 10 days per person

Average budget

High budget

Return airfare from Paris to Fort-de-France

550 €

800 €

Rent a car with gas

300 €

500 €

Airbnb accommodation

350 €

540 €

Catering (Lunch + dinner outside)

300 €

450 €

Recreation (1 paid activity per day)

120 €

250 €

The ultimate tip: Book!

Accommodation prices, like rental prices, vary exponentially between low and high season.

For more information on the seasons in Martinique, we invite you to discover our article on the best periods to visit Martinique.if you wish to leave between February and April or even June and August, it is necessary to make a reservation at least 3 months in advance in order to have attractive prices.don't hesitate to consult the blog The Contrary Planner which allows you to budget your trip to Martinique with even more precision!

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About the author

27 years old, Marving grew up in Schœlcher, in Fond-Lahaye and Anse Madame more precisely. Passionate about the digital world, he works as a digital marketing consultant during the day and regularly writes articles about his native island.

Marving Moreton

Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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