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The best yoga activities available in Martinique

Relax during a yoga session!

Looking for activities during your stay in Martinique? Take advantage of your stay or your vacation to recharge your batteries with yoga classes. This practice of Hindu origin combines sport and spirituality. It is full of many benefits for the body and mind. Discover what yoga is and the different types of yoga you can practice on the Isle of Flowers.

What is yoga? 

Yoga is a practice that brings together many postures and breathing exercises. The main objective of this activity is to bring well-being and health to the person who practices it. As a real sport, yoga proposes gymnastic exercises. It also makes use of meditation to refocus on oneself.

The different types of yoga available on the platform 

The exceptional nature of Martinique, its setting and its weather allow you to indulge in many practices. Many guides offer yoga classes on site. You will find on the platform a wide choice of courses given by experienced yoga teachers. Among the most popular are:

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha yoga is a gentle and relaxing practice. It consists of finding the balance between the body and the spirit thanks to well defined exercises. During a hatha yoga session in Martinique, you will practice soft postures (asanas). These exercises allow you to strengthen your body and muscles in a gentle way.

You will also do meditation. This one consists in putting you in harmony with your interior. The hatha flow yoga brings relaxation. It will also help you to find a balance on all levels. At the end of this course of yoga in Martinique, you will leave relaxed and calmed.

For a perfect relaxation, follow your yoga classes in the middle of nature. In a relaxing environment, far from the noise, you will feel in phase with nature. You can also practice your hatha yoga classes on the beach. The calm of the water and the marine environment bring serenity.

Vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga. Contrary to hatha yoga, it consists in carrying out fluid and linked postures. The whole is done in a rather fast rhythm.

During a vinyasa yoga session, you follow dynamic postures punctuated by deep, slow breathing.

The practitioners proceed to the yoga meditation only at the end of the session, or at the beginning (to put themselves in the mood). The objective of this practice is to invigorate the participants. Vinyasa yoga is an energizing and rejuvenating practice. At the end of a vinyasa yoga session, you are invigorated and ready to tackle the day.

To recharge your batteries, take your vinyasa yoga classes in the heart of nature in Martinique. In Sainte Luce, nature offers you a pleasant and unique spot. It is the ideal place to recharge your batteries.

Paddle yoga in Martinique 

Paddle yoga is another way to combine sport and escape. This practice invites to well-being and is done in a simple and fun way. It consists in doing yoga postures on a paddle board. Classes are held in the water. An experienced yoga teacher will lead you through the session to show you the correct postures. The exercises combine vinyasa and hatha yoga postures. The exercises involve the body, mind and breath.

Lulled by the waves, the practitioners engage in a relaxing activity. You will feel directly in phase with nature. Paddle yoga will bring you relaxation and is a method of resourcing. Between the postures, you will carry out a few minutes of meditation.

The advantages of doing yoga 

Taking yoga classes in Martinique has many advantages. In addition to the benefits of the practice itself, you will gain much by practicing in a soothing environment:

You unite your body and mind to find balance. After a yoga session, you feel refreshed and invigorated. You are full of energy. This is the very principle of yoga practice.

You escape in a natural and relaxing environment. You practice unusual activities that awaken your soul and your spirit. If this is your first visit to Martinique, you will be amazed by all it has to offer.

You go to the heart of Martinique to discover other aspects of the island. Your stay will not stop at the hotels or restaurants of the island. You will discover new spots and new places, and above all, an inner well-being in the sea air.

You will share unforgettable and unique moments with your loved ones. Yoga classes can be done with family, friends or colleagues. Children can also practice it. For this purpose, many vacationers or tourists choose the formula of yoga escape when they stay in Martinique.

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