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Travel to Martinique : 10 essential elements to put in your suitcase

3 mins reading

Martinique is THE destination for French speakers. Whether you're planning an adventure trip or a relaxing vacation under the sun, here are the 10 essentials you absolutely must pack.

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1. Swimsuits


Swimsuits take time to dry, especially those with different layers (such as women's swimsuits).the unstoppable strategy: pack two swimsuits in your suitcase!

2. Beach hat

Beach hat

Of course, the beach hat is vital for your comfort and the health of your skin! It is one of the most important items on your caribbean-list. Personally, we would not advise you to take a very expensive hat because of the humidity in Martinique, the splashes of sea water and many other adventures that can happen to you. [This is not an affiliate link] An example of a value for money/style option that may interest you :

  • Women's tropical beach hat
  • Tropical beach hat for men

3. Sunscreen and after-sun cream


Sunscreen is undoubtedly the must-have of your trip, but it can be quite costly.We advise you to order your sun cream and after-sun cream before you leave for Martinique.If you come from France, you will find sun creams at reasonable prices on the website santé discount. Attention! If you travel with a cabin baggage only, make sure to buy a cream with a capacity of less than 100 ml, under the risk that it will be confiscated at the airport

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses on the beach in Martinique

The accessory of the "summer" fashion, the sunglasses. We recommend that you choose quality polarized sunglasses. And above all, make sure you have a specific case to avoid any accident or loss…

5. Beach bag

Beach bag

Don't forget your beach bag! It's the vessel of your holiday essentials: your vacation reading, your caftan, your headphones...To put it simply, everything you're going to need for a relaxing or off-the-beaten-path holiday.

6. Sandals

Sandals on the beach

In many ways, it's much easier to walk across sandy, hot ground in sandals than barefoot. Make sure you have comfortable sandals or flip-flops. If not, they will quickly turn from your best friend to your worst enemy...

NB: In Martinique, the inhabitants very often wear plastic sandals, which they call "plastics" or "jellyfish". So don't be ashamed to bring your pair of Crocs!

7. Hiking shoes

Hiking Shoes

Although Martinique is not so mountainous, you must absolutely bring your hiking shoes. Martinique is full of sensational hiking trails! It would be silly not to be able to enjoy them for lack of adapted shoes…

8. Long-sleeved clothing

Woman on the beach

As you can imagine, you may find yourself face to face with mosquitoes! Unless you have a repulsive skin by nature, we advise you to bring long sleeves clothes :)

9. Protective accessories

In order to be prepared, we advise you to surf on the internet to find a wide range of items allowing you to protect all your accessories during boat trips or simply on the beach: waterproof cover for smartphone, waterproof bag, protection for your camera, etc.

10. Your driver's license

Route in Martinique

And finally, if you have read our article "Budget for Martinique", you already know that to fully enjoy the jewels of the island, you need a car. So, don't forget your driver's license! Mooring at a beach during your stay is good, but exploring every corner of the island of flowers is even better !

Your 10 essential checklist

We're sure you'll have an amazing time in the heart of Martinique. Did we miss anything on our checklist? Don't hesitate to tell us in the comment section below! In the meantime, feel free to download your checklist: Checklist for a trip to Martinique

PS: This list of 10 essential items can be applied to any tropical destination!

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Discover 97 Authentic Activities to Explore in Martinique!

Unforgettable adventures await you - whether with family, as a couple, with friends, or for unusual discoveries. Find the perfect activity for every moment!

Easy and Secure Booking

About the author

27 years old, Marving grew up in Schœlcher, in Fond-Lahaye and Anse Madame more precisely. Passionate about the digital world, he works as a digital marketing consultant during the day and regularly writes articles about his native island.

Marving Moreton

Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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