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The best activities to do in Martinique

9 mins de lecture

Have you always wanted to discover Martinique? Often considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the Flower of the Caribbean will charm all types of travelers! From hikes to paradisiacal beaches to a rich culture and heritage, Martinique will never stop surprising you with its many activities for all tastes.

Let us guide you through all the activities Martinique has to offer!

The paradise of hiking in the middle of nature

With nearly 250 kilometers of marked trails all over the island mixing beaches and tropical forests, Martinique is a real paradise for nature and adventure lovers.

The Caravelle hike

One of our favorite hikes is located in the North, on the Presqu'île de la Caravelle. You can choose between the small and the big trail. The small trail is an easy and fun hike, through one of the most beautiful nature reserves of the island, accessible to all, the circuit being done in about one hour. This hike will take you to the heart of the mangrove, between forest and coastline, through sumptuous landscapes.

Don't miss to pass by the beach of the Baie au Trésor and to admire the panoramic view from the Phare de la Caravelle. All along the way, you will have the opportunity to meet one of the 80 species of birds listed in the reserve, it is a memorable experience!

Presqu'ile de la Caravelle

Mount Pelee, an adventure to live

For the most experienced hikers, I strongly recommend the hike of the mount Pelée which is a must on the island! Believe us, to go to the adventure and to the conquest of the biggest summit of Martinique, it is necessary to be well prepared. You will walk 7 kilometers for a total duration of 6 hours. But you will be rewarded by a breathtaking panoramic view. 

Pelee Mountain

Heavenly beaches

When you say vacation, you often mean lazing around in the sun! The island of flowers does not lack beaches with postcard scenery. But before tackling this topic, a little clarification: We often refer to the term "cove" in Martinique, which means a small shallow bay. In other words, a heavenly place!

Pointe du Bout Martinique

Photo credits : Caribbeandontcare

The Grande Anse des Salines

We admit it, we had the opportunity to travel a lot and to visit many beaches. We have rarely explored more beautiful beaches than the Grande Anse des Salines. Located at the southern end of Saint-Anne, you will discover a heavenly place : a large white sand beach in the shade of coconut trees, bordered by an incredible turquoise sea, in the heart of the Caribbean. When the beach is very busy, we advise you to go to the right side of the cove, which is generally quieter.

The Anses d'Arlet

Les Anses d'Arlet are a group of small coves stretching along the southwest coast of the island. On nearly 20 kilometers, you will have the opportunity to discover beaches protected from the tourist fervor. Personally, you will appreciate this place for its peace and quiet as well as for the beauty of the landscape. Bordered by brightly colored houses, these coves are real postcard settings. Many local restaurants line the beach and offer fresh local dishes. This is the perfect opportunity to taste traditional Creole cuisine in the shade of the coconut trees!

The Anses d'Arlet

A unique culinary heritage

Creole cuisine is one of the richest and most creative in the world, influenced by a population coming from Africa and Europe. It is a true mixture of flavors, mixing salty and sweet or the sweetness of sugar cane with spices. With their eyes turned towards the sea, the inhabitants of Martinique also cook fish in all its forms.


The best fish dishes

Where to start... So many dishes and flavors come to mind when we talk about this subject. Grilled Snapper is a typical dish based on. snapper as its name suggests! Often cooked grilled, it is also very popular with the locals! Also very popular and often eaten as an appetizer, the authentic accras de morue martiniquais are a real classic of the island of flowers. be careful, depending on the restaurant, they will be more or less spicy depending on the cook!

For meat and vegetable lovers

If you prefer meat dishes, you won't be left out either! Let yourself be tempted by a "poulet boucané", a classic of Creole cuisine! After having marinated for a long time, the meat is cooked on the barbecue with sugar cane fiber. This dish is often accompanied by its famous Chien sauce and is a sure bet for all meat lovers! Martinique's cuisine also offers many vegetarian dishes such as delicious vegetable accras and tofu-based dishes.

Discover the Martinique Rum, pride of the island

How to talk about Martinique and its activities without mentioning rum. Made from sugar cane juice, whether white, brown or golden, Martinique's rums are rewarded throughout the world for their quality and their countless flavors. The tasting of Martinique rums and the visit of the island's distilleries are activities not to be missed!

The visit of the distilleries

A visit to one or more distilleries in the heart of the island is a must if you want to learn more about the authentic West Indian rum making process. Its very sweet flavor makes it particularly popular with Ti-Punch lovers!

Distillery J.M

The house of La Mauny, located in the south of the island of flowers, will take you through an informative and complete tour (from the sugar cane fields to the distillation stage) before finishing with the tasting of rum, in moderation of course! Finally, we can't help but mention the J.M distillery, located in the north of Martinique, at the foot of Mount Pelee, which produces a rum often referred to as the best old rum on the island, no less! The team of the distillery will welcome you for a visit of the exploitation as well as for a tasting at the end.


Finally, don't miss to taste the local specialities based on Rum like the famous Ti-Punch, elaborated with White Rum, which is the most appreciated cocktail in Martinique or the punch-planteur, another way of tasting rum by adding juice, a zest of lime and cane sugar.a treat!

Sea activities from the north to the south of the island

Martinique is an island that offers many water activities. The translucent seabed filled with exotic and colorful fish is a real paradise for scuba diving and water sports enthusiasts, or simply for a stroll in the sea to discover the most beautiful islets of Martinique.

Scuba diving

Martinique is a dream spot for diving enthusiasts. Whether you decide to dive in the North or in the South, you will discover preserved and unique sea beds. We have a small preference for the diving spots in the southwest of the island, along the Caribbean coast, where the water is clearer. The most interesting spot in this part of the island is the Diamond Rock, which we think is one of the most fascinating in Martinique.

Water sports

If you prefer surfing, kayaking or sailing, you will not be outdone! Martinique has many surfing spots suitable for beginners as well as for the most expert among you! We particularly appreciated the spot of Tartane on the Presqu'île de la Caravelle! Kayak rental is available all over the island, so you will have no trouble renting one! Finally, if you are adventurous, many sea excursions are organized, including to Josephine's Bathtub, an absolutely beautiful white sandy plateau, or to see dolphins!

White funds

A rich culture and a unique heritage

Martinique is an island with a very rich heritage. We have seen it through its culinary heritage or through the Rum culture. But Martinique's culture is far from being limited to these two aspects:

Museums and cities

Many museums retrace the history of Martinique. La Savane des Esclaves located in the countryside of Trois-Îlets is a park retracing the 400 years of Martinique's history and especially the history of slavery. We strongly recommend a guided tour to better understand the history of Martinique..

Savane des Esclaves

For architecture lovers, it is possible to visit the Schœlcher library in the heart of the capital, Fort-de-France. The library, classified as a historical monument, is the most visited building on the island of flowers and is certainly worth a visit! Moreover, the entrance is free.

Finally, don't miss the countless fishing villages which will give you a total change of scenery. Our preference is certainly Les-Anses-d'Arlet, with its warm and authentic atmosphere. This unique place has a real village life, especially on weekends! Don't miss Grand-Rivière on the side of the Montagne Pelée, and its picturesque fish market! A tip: come early!

The Carnival, the emblematic experience of Martinique

It takes place every year, in the days before Easter (remember to check because the exact dates change every year). It is one of the biggest festivals on the island and an adventure to experience if you are in the area! We recommend heading to the heart of the island, to Fort-de-France, where the Martinique Carnival is in full swing for five days, with music and laughter echoing through the city, as well as the opportunity to enjoy delicious grilled fish and crabs in the street.

Martinique in 360

We hope to have even aroused your curiosity about the island! There is something for everyone, from outdoor activities, sea and land to cultural activities and discoveries of local just have to book your plane tickets! If you hesitate about the period to come to Martinique, our file When to go to Martinique will provide you all the answers to your questions.

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27 years old, Marving grew up in Schœlcher, in Fond-Lahaye and Anse Madame more precisely. Passionate about the digital world, he works as a digital marketing consultant during the day and regularly writes articles about his native island.

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Copywriter & Cofounder of Tourcrib

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