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The 5 most beautiful black sand beaches of Martinique

Anse Noire Plage

The 5 most beautiful black sand beaches of Martinique

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There is nothing better than a vacation along the beach to recharge batteries or rebuild relationships with loved ones. Black sand is the result of volcanic lava and other volcanic materials that have been decomposed by the oceans over the centuries.
Whether you’re looking for an atypical strip of sand or a breathtaking view, Martinique is full of wild beach options to satisfy all types of adventurers.
Scroll down to discover our top 5 of the most beautiful black sand beaches in Martinique!

The 5 most beautiful black sand beaches in Martinique are just waiting for you!

5. Baie du Trésor

Hidden in the area of the Presqu’île de la Caravelle,

Treasure Bay is folded in a creek, which gives it an absolute calm.
The sea sparkles when the sun hits it full force while the black sand of the bay is surrounded by mangroves!

The bay is hidden at the end of a 2 or 3-hour hike, which makes the end of the hike all the more rewarding !
Did you know that ? The Caravelle Peninsula leading to Treasure Bay is part of an eco-tourism initiative. Indeed, it encourages visitors to discover this tender nature in a non-invasive way.

4. Anse Lévrier

Welcome to Preacher!
This peaceful commune is home to one of the most beautiful nesting beaches for sea turtles: Anse Lévrier.

Amateur of hiking, this beach will satisfy you, because it is accessible only after a long walk in the nature of the north of the island.
But that’s not all. Not only is it a quiet and secret wild beach, but it is also the beach with the blackest sand on the island.

3. Anse Moustique

Difficult to access due to its rough roads, Anse Moustique will seduce you with its calm and crystalline water.
This beach in the south of the island, is no more and no less than the neighboring beach of Les Salines, separated by only 800m. Without further delay, discover it in video:

2. Anse Trabaud

Contrary to its previous sisters, Anse Trabaud is easily accessible and therefore popular.
Thanks to the unique location of its cove, l’Anse Trabaud benefits from both calm and rough waters.
This makes it a favorite for swimmers, surfers and kayakers!

1. Cap Macré

We couldn’t make a top 5 of the wild beaches of Flower Island without mentioning Cape Macre.

Cape Macre is a long beach located in the south of the island, along the Atlantic coast.
Its back beach vegetation, its turquoise water will welcome you in the best way between swimming, sunbathing or resting under coconut, grape or mancenilla trees.

The road is damaged, but it will offer you a magnificent panorama on the bay of Cape Macré!

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Now that you know everything about black sand beaches in Martinique, how about discovering the 7 most beautiful white sand beaches in Martinique?

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