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Villa rentals in Martinique

Discover the best Villas to rent on the island

To have an unforgettable time on the island, but especially comfortable, think about a villa rental in Martinique! Discover our list of vacation villa rentals according to the location and comfort you are looking for.

Discover Martinique

Known as the island of flowers, Martinique is located in the overseas region of France and is home to many must-see sites, including Trois-Îlets, Sainte-Anne, Fort-de-France and Saint-Pierre. Whatever the season, the island is always accessible to tourists from all over the world. Its dazzling setting conceals many historical, patrimonial and natural treasures.

Many activities are available on the island and you can start by basking in the sun on the beach. For the more adventurous, climbing Mount Pelee located in the north of the island will be part of their escapades on the island. The path leading to the summit is already a spectacle of landscapes to discover.

For those who are more sociable, visiting the Martinique villages seems more appropriate. Grand'Rivière is the ideal place to stroll through the narrow streets and visit some old buildings such as the Sainte-Catherine church. Nothing prevents vacationers from taking full advantage of the sea by choosing one of the sea activities such as kayaking, sailing, diving or dolphin watching. But to rest, you need a roof somewhere, hence the importance of choosing a vacation rental in Martinique.

The advantages of renting a villa in Martinique

This Franco-Antillean region offers a multitude of vacation rentals for travelers. Among them is the villa rental in Martinique, an option not to be missed for many reasons:

When comfort and luxury come together

A real vacation villa already meets a certain level of comfort. It offers rooms according to its capacity of reception, as well as a garden often offering an impregnable sight, that it is on the sea, on the mountain or on a green space. In Martinique, you won't miss any of this. You are sure to find a vacation villa well-equipped with all the necessities of life.

For those of you who are looking for luxury, some vacation rentals are pre-equipped with a pool or Jacuzzi or deck chairs. They are air-conditioned and have Wi-Fi.

Privacy and serenity

Aren't we looking for peace and quiet during our vacations? In Martinique, the villas for rent are well isolated from all outside noise. Usually, they enjoy a good location by the sea, around tropical gardens where only the sound of the wind in the foliage of palm trees, bamboo and coconut palms is perceptible. Renting a villa in Martinique is therefore an option to avoid neighborhood nuisances such as the noise of partygoers, the screaming of children or sometimes lovers' quarrels.

Privacy is precious for everyone and a villa to rent during the vacations favors individuality. No more fear of prying eyes!

Meet up with family or friends

Unlike hotel rooms and apartments, a villa rental in Martinique offers more space to get together with friends or family. It is possible to play games or chat in the large living room or spend the night on the terrace. In short, tenants can spend convivial moments at the barbecue while preserving their privacy in their respective rooms.

Rules to respect in a vacation villa rental

When you make a reservation, which is usually done online, don't forget to include the price of the deposit. It is often indicated in the description of the offer you have chosen. Also included is the cleaning package. The price varies according to the comfort and capacity of the villa. In order for your stay in a vacation rental in Martinique to go smoothly, be sure to respect certain rules such as not damaging anything during your stay. Finally, travelers know what is agreed upon in case of cancellation of a reservation. 

Which villa rental in Martinique to choose?

Almost all Martinique villas for rent are located near the coast. Few of them choose to be located in the center of the island. Depending on the season and the nature of the rental offer, the rate may change. You should also know that the more the capacity of the villa is important, the more expensive the rent is. But what is certain is that the rate taken into account is that of the night. 

However, if you want to save more money and stay a few more days in Martinique, opt for the weekly rental offers. You can also take advantage of promotional offers on vacation rentals in Martinique if your budget is tight enough.

Our top 3 villas for rent in Martinique

Cassandre's Bed & Rum villa in Le François

 Located in a residential area in the commune of Le François, this magnificent villa is located in the southeast of Martinique. You will stay in a chic and modern setting where the rooms are as spacious as well equipped. It offers a breathtaking view of the countryside as well as the sea.

Villa Hacienda in Rivière-Salée

 It is on the heights of the commune of Rivière-Salée that this imposing villa is established. Ideal for a group of 10 people, it has 5 air-conditioned bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and all the necessary equipment to stay in comfort. Its advantage? Its large terrace of 95 m2 with swimming pool and a view opening on the beaches and the famous Diamond Rock.

Villa Montabel in Vauclin

About 35 minutes by car from Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport, via the N5, is a large fenced property, Montabel. The villa can accommodate up to 11 people. We appreciate its large garden, its secured swimming pool and its good location to easily reach water activities such as kitesurfing.