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The hotels of Martinique

Discover the best hotels in Martinique

You are planning a trip to Martinique, but you don't know where to sleep? 
You find that there is too much choice online, and you feel a little lost... 
Thanks to our guide, book now the hotel in Martinique that suits you. 

For years, Martinique has been off the radar of American travelers, but Europeans - the French in particular - have been escaping there for years. 
It's easy to see why: sure, luxury resorts don't line every beach, and the ones you do find are quite expensive, but what the island lacks in water parks and beach clubs, it makes up for in sheer beauty - we're talking rainforests, tranquil beaches, spectacular mountains and unique European culture and cuisine. With Norwegian Air's new nonstop routes and new places to stay in the capital, Fort-de-France, there's never been a better time to go! 

Martinique Hotel Guide 

The hotels listed in this article all have a rating of 4⁄5 or higher on TripAdvisor. 

How do you choose your hotel? 

In Martinique, hotels are numerous, and you need to know how to choose yours. We have selected for you some criteria that will help you make the right choice.

The location 

The location is an important criterion to spend wonderful moments. Indeed, it will determine the range of activities that you can do there. It is preferable to have activities close to your cozy nest. For this, ask yourself if you are more interested in the northern or southern half of the island, the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. 
The south is the most touristic part. It is close to the Caribbean Sea with an incredible view on the most famous beaches. The hotel offer is very diversified, and the most popular districts are: Les Trois Ilets, Le Diamant, Sainte-Anne, Sainte Luce. You will find comfortable hotels ranging from cheap to luxurious. 
The north of the island offers a different setting from the south in terms of tourist activities. There are also comfortable hotels. The most popular districts are : Saint - Pierre or Carbet. 

The budget 

It is obvious that the budget will determine the choice of your hotel. For the cheapest hotels on the island in the low season, count on average 68 € euros per night and 200 € for the high standing hotels. During the peak season, these prices can quickly rise. If you want to make the most of your stay, we advise you to opt for a mid-range hotel and to reserve your budget for tourist activities. 

The standard of the hotel and the associated services 

The standard of the hotel and the associated services are underlying the budget. The bigger your budget, the more luxurious your hotel will be and the more services it will offer, such as airport shuttle, car rental, swimming pool, direct access to the beach or even access to a private beach depending on the standard. Between your budget and your desires, the choice will be made quickly. 

Different types of hotels in Martinique 


The Bambou Hotel: the perfect compromise for a relaxing stay 

Located in the popular area of Trois Ilets, the Bambou Hotel is a charming 3-star hotel. Located 22 km from Aimé Césaire airport, it offers a shuttle from the airport (a good point for you). Hotel Bambou has comfortable rooms built in a richly colored exotic setting. Whether you are alone, a couple, a family or a group, the offer is tailored to you. With direct access to the beach, your stay at the Bamboo Hotel will be pure happiness. 


The Pierre Vacances Village Hotel 

Under the shelter of coconut and palm trees, the Pierre Vacances Martinique club offers you a unique stay rich in activities. The club offers studios and apartments according to your needs and convenience. The setting and the architecture of the building immerse you in the naturalness of the Creole culture from the very first moment. The village is located at the edge of the beach and a multitude of activities are proposed for young and old. If you want to enjoy your stay without having to worry about reservations, this offer is for you, because the village offers a package with round-trip flights. 

Luxury or charming hotels, a limited offer on the island 

Located on the island's Atlantic coast, the luxury French coco hotel welcomes you in a sumptuous and enchanting setting. In all its uniqueness, this charming hotel offers luxurious suites with private pool and small intimate garden to enjoy every moment. 

Hotels in Martinique with all-inclusive formula 

The all-inclusive formula avoids having to think about where to eat. In the Trois Ilets area, the Carayou Hotel & Spa is one of the few accommodations to offer this formula. It suggests comfortable rooms with an incredible view on the beach and the bay of Fort-de-France. The package includes buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as access to the bar from 10 am to 11 pm. With Club Med, you can also plan an all-inclusive trip. 

Now that the best hotels in Martinique have no secrets for you, which one was your favorite?

Questions fréquentes sur Hotel

In Martinique, the hotel offer is quite diversified. Thus, you will find hotels without stars or 2 to 5 stars. In this offer, cheap hotels, luxury hotels or charming hotels with a wide range of services. To find out everything you need to know and book your hotel in Martinique, visit our hotel guide. 

The price of a hotel in Martinique varies according to several factors: the location, the standard, the services, the season, etc. Count on average 68 € for a room in a 2 star hotel and 200 € for a 5 star hotel such as French Coco. These prices can go down or up depending on when you come, knowing that the most touristic months (June and August) have a strong impact on the prices. 

The best hotel is the one that corresponds to your desires and wishes. Since desires and wishes differ from one person to another, it is impossible to answer this question :)

There are many hotels and villas on the island. Either one, you can enjoy a range of services according to your convenience. It's up to you to choose the type of rental that suits you best, depending on your budget, the length of your trip and your expectations.