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The rental of vacation accommodation in Martinique

You have just booked your plane ticket to the island of flowers, but you do not know yet where you will sleep? We put at your disposal, here, the different solutions of accommodation rental in Martinique !

Martinique is an island located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, in the middle of the Caribbean islands. It is a French overseas department which is part of the French West Indies. The island is distinguished by its beautiful natural landscapes, which makes it one of the top tourist destinations!

Types of accommodation rental in Martinique

There is a wide range of choices for accommodation in Martinique!

Martinique location

House rental

In Martinique, house rental is often the most popular type of accommodation. In general, a house to rent for a vacation accommodation has green spaces and a ground where one can find trees (coconut trees, palm trees, mango trees...).

The living space is very important. Indeed, the house to rent must have a large capacity of reception with several rooms and bathroom... To have more intimacy and tranquility, the house rental is a better option.

Maison bleu en Martinique

Villa rental

For a rental in Martinique, the villa rental is a very trendy choice that attracts many people. In addition to being luxurious, the villas are comfortable places with quality services. They may have pools and/or spas with a view of the sea.

There are even those that give you direct access to the beach! Others are closer to the airport of Fort-De-France and Lamentin! And that's not all, there are villas that offer house staff to make your stay easier. Having a large capacity and a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection, they are perfect for those with higher budgets.

Bungalow rental

To spend your vacations in the Caribbean, we immediately imagine a nice bungalow, coconut trees... Yes, for your next vacations in the Caribbean, you can perfectly rent a bungalow.

It is a dream place with quality services and benefits. In fact, there are bungalows with Jacuzzi, swimming pool, beautiful garden, even access to the beach. For a vacation with family or friends, this kind of rental is a better option.

Hotel rental

In general, booking a hotel room is the first choice of a traveler when it comes to going on vacation. For a hotel rental in Martinique, you have a wide choice. Indeed, you can choose between starred hotels and chain hotels.

You can also consult on specialized sites the opinions of customers on the best hotels in Martinique. For a better vacation, renting a hotel is a better choice. In fact, renting a hotel allows you not to take care of the housework.

Hotel en Martinique

Residence rental

You can also choose to rent a residence. In fact, this type of rental offers many advantages. Indeed, you are free to choose the residence that suits you.

You can, for example, opt for a luxury apartment, a large house by the sea, a luxury apartment... There are, also, many options on Airbnb Martinique. All of this offers you a real comfort during your stay.

Where to sleep in Martinique?

Now that you've chosen the type of accommodation for your paradise vacation in Martinique, you're probably wondering if it's better to rent accommodation in the north, the center, or the south? You are probably wondering which are the best neighborhoods near the tourist places to discover? No worries, we tell you everything!

Which district to choose in the south?

In the south of the island, you will find the accommodations with the best panoramic views and close to the most famous beaches of Martinique. In terms of communes, the best towns in the south of the island to stay in are the following:

  • Le Diamant
  • Les Trois Ilets (especially the Pointe du Bout!)
  • Les Anses d'Arlet
  • Sainte-Luce
  • Sainte-Anne

All these communes are located near the Caribbean Sea. In the South, the most touristic part of the island, there are hundreds of very comfortable and luxurious tourist accommodations like villas and cottages.

Which commune to choose in the north?

Very often, visitors consider as "the north" of the island the communes placed above Schoelcher compared to the south, the north presents a very different asset. Indeed, the north makes the difference with its black sand beaches and its rather luxuriant vegetation.

If you choose the north, there are many activities to do. You can, for example, hike to Mount Pelee, visit the Carbet Zoo. You can also visit the distilleries Depaz, JM and Neisson, the gorges of the cliff or the waterfalls of Anse Couleuvre or Saut du Gendarme. I am only quoting what comes to mind, there are of course many more exceptional tourist sites in the north of the island! For an idea of where to stay, rental accommodation in Saint-Pierre or Le Carbet is highly recommended. Otherwise, you can also stay in the town of Grand Rivière where you will be immersed in a town rich in history and fishermen's tales.

Staying on the Atlantic or Caribbean side?

If you like water sports, we advise you to stay on the Atlantic coast. The communes of Robert, Trinité, Vauclin and François are located in this part of the island.

Indeed, Vauclin and François are famous for their kitesurfing spots with the Pointe Faula and the Cap. If you want to see white sand and white bottoms, the Caribbean coast is the place to be. Indeed, you can find the "seaside resorts" of Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Luce and Trois îlets. You will be able, quite, to make many excursions and activities. For family vacations in Martinique, you can walk to the beach with your children. If you like diving, what better than to stay on the Caribbean Coast or in the commune of Anses d'Arlet?

Which cities are the most booked for vacations in Martinique?

For vacations on the island of flowers, the most booked cities are: Trois-Ilets, Le Diamant and Sainte-Anne.Trois-Iets is a commune in the south of Martinique, it is composed of 3 zones. Le Diamant is a very well known locality in terms of tourism. It has a very beautiful site and a museum and is very close to the other communes. It is, at present, protected by the conservatory of the littoral thanks to its fauna.

And it gives an unobstructed view of the famous Diamond Rock.

Martinique Rocher du Diamant

Sainte-Anne is a tourist town and very popular with holidaymakers during the summer. You can find in this locality hotels, bars, restaurants, discotheques and especially beautiful white sand beaches like the one of Salines. The famous Club Med is also located in Sainte-Anne.

Martinique location famille

Frequently asked questions about vacation rentals in Martinique

In this section, we will answer all your questions about renting accommodation in Martinique.

During your vacation, you might be thinking of setting aside some days just to relax. There is nothing better than sunbathing by the pool.

Opting for a rental with a pool allows you to plan your vacation in your own way and with flexibility. It's even better if you choose a rental with a private pool.

In Martinique, there are many vacation rentals that offer you access to a swimming pool, whether it is private or shared. In fact, apart from the villas that have a pool, there are also vacation rentals that offer you an infinity pool. Well over 1/3 of the vacation homes have a pool.

Don't want to leave your pets home alone when you go on a trip? I understand you!

There are vacation rentals in Martinique that allow pets. This way, you and your pet can have a better stay during your trip. Generally, pet-friendly hotels have walking areas for your pets. Here are the top pet-friendly vacation rentals: Villa La Flamboyante and CoCoKreyol - "SAINT KITTS". These rentals will be happy to accommodate your pets.

For a family vacation in Martinique, it is not always easy to choose a vacation rental. So, you are a bit confused when faced with the numerous offers proposed by the different providers?

We can advise you the Villa la Flamboyante in Sainte-Anne, or the villa Bwa Floté in Diamant.

They will surely meet your expectations thanks to the quality of the services they offer.

In short, to spend a memorable vacation in Martinique, there are many choices to find your cozy nest. Now it's up to you to choose the rental that suits you best. We only have to wish you an excellent stay on the island of flowers 🏝

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