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What is the climate in Martinique?


What is the climate in Martinique?

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How is the climate of Martinique? The West Indies are unquestionably recognized as having one of the most desirable climates on the planet, with annual temperatures between 24 and 30°C. It is never cold and temperatures never exceed 37 degrees. A perfect environment for a heavenly vacation. You wish to discover this little haven of peace, but a question remains…What is the best time to go to Martinique?
Well don’t worry about it. We will give you all the information you need to choose the best period to discover this beautiful island!

Martinique and its climate: Each season has its advantages

It is important to know the climate of your next destination. Apart from preparing your suitcase with full knowledge of the weather, this allows you to organize your trip with the best activities to do in this season. What about Flower Island? The best time to visit Martinique is mainly from December to April, when it is slightly cooler in the north of the island. During this period tourists flock to escape the winter in their region.


Martinique’s tropical climate and sunshine sometimes give way to rain. Warm, it is often welcome, as it keeps the tropical islands lush and green.
From May to November, there are many rainy days. But don’t be afraid of rainy days as presented below. Indeed, the showers are often short.
As in the rest of the region, there may be possible tornadoes and cyclones from July to October. However, they are relatively rare on the island which is often spared.

The seasons

In Martinique, the landscapes are strongly contrasted, they offer a large panel of possible activities such as, hiking in the heart of a luxuriant tropical forest, idleness on a paradisiacal beach, shopping in town and visit of old colonial houses, you will have only the embarrassment of the choice.

Before deciding to leave, it is necessary to know that in Martinique there are two main seasons:

  • The “carême“: From the end of December to April, the season is dry, it is the most pleasant and touristy season, you can enjoy good weather throughout the trip, and the warmest temperatures in the tropics.
  • The “Wintering”: From mid-June to November, the air can quickly become stifling, and it rains very regularly, this is the low season in Martinique.

Going to Martinique in the spring

Humidity and temperatures combine to make the thermometer rise in this season.
Temperatures are high, around 31 °C – 29 °C and have been mild in recent months. On the rainy side, it rains 7 to 13 days a month.
Spring is so far the least touristic period, which makes it very interesting in terms of price and attendance. If you are wondering when to go to Martinique with an economic budget, this is the ideal period.

Going in summer

In summer, the temperatures are warm and pleasant. These months and heat are synonymous with rainfall since it rains 8 to 14 days per month.
June and August are among the most touristy months in the French West Indies, which is reflected in the prices of accommodation for example.

Going to Martinique in autumn

In autumn, the island enjoys temperatures averaging around 31 °C, with a milder feeling due to humidity and wind.
This is the season of wet rain. It rains a little less than in summer, but the high temperatures make the atmosphere humid. The tourist market is therefore at a standstill, which makes it possible to take advantage of good deals.

What is the climate of Martinique in Winter

The temperature is perfect for vacations: Itt is on average 29 C°. It usually rains less than 10 days a month. Nevertheless, this is the busiest time of the year… The best time to visit Martinique would be in March.

So in your opinion, what is the best time to discover Martinique?

In reality, the best time to visit Martinique will depend on your budget and your interests. Watching turtles come to life, observing underwater species or climbing Mount Pelee: Each of its wonders in its own season.

Moreover, certain periods, from May to June and from the end of November to mid-December, allow you to find cheaper prices while benefiting from correct temperatures and, above all, heavenly beaches that are not very crowded with tourists.

Tourcrib and its authentic guides accompany you in the organization of your stay around various and varied activities, in any season, 12 months, 7 days a week, 24/24!

To go visit Martinique in…

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  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

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